Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Section 4
Playback Mode
Button Function
The Buttons have the following functions in Playback Mode.
Mode Button:
Switch between Movie Preview Screen and Picture 1.
Preview Screen.
Record Burron:
Press to view the movies/ picture.1.
In Movie Playback Mode, press to play and pause the 2.
recorded movies.
In Picture Playback Mode, press to start/stop the 3.
Playback Button:
Switch between Record /Playback Mode.1.
Return to the previous screen.2.
Direction Button:
Right Button: Go to the next movie/picture. Fast forward.
Left Button: Go to the previous movie/picture. Fast rewind.
Tele Button (Up Button): Volume increase. Zoom In.
Wide Button (Down Button): Volume decrease. Zoom out.
OK Button: Delete the current or all movies/pictures.
Validate the setting.
Pre-Record/YouTube Direct Button:
In Movie Playback Mode, press to select the current movie to
upload to YouTube.