Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Section 12
If the LCD preview is not clear while shooting, how can the focus be adjusted?1.
Try to switch between Macro and Normal Mode.
The les on the memory card do not display smoothly when the LCD shows the “!” marking.2.
The “!” means the SD card is low speed or is having wrong content inside. The way to solve this
condition is to format SD card by the camcorder instead of a PC (Please refer to the detailed Format
instruction in Section 5).
Why do some of my indoor pictures look blurry and dark?3.
The camcorder extends picture exposure time under low light/ indoor condition. Keep the camcorder
(and the target subject) steady for several seconds when taking pictures. The shutter will sound when
pictures are being taken.
How do I charge battery?4.
You must use the supplied AC charger or the USB cable.
The camcorder must be turned OFF; blinking light conrms charging, and the light becomes constant
when the charging has been completed. Then, the light will turn itself off automatically after 5 minutes
(In AC charging Mode)..