Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Section 13
Other Information
Need help?
For the latest driver updates, user’s manuals & FAQ’s please have a look at the
TOSHIBA options & services support page:
Please see
for the TOSHIBA hotline numbers.
Operating Environment Conditions
Operating temperature: 5 to 35° C
Operating humidity: 20 to 80 %
(no condensation allowed)
Regulatory Information
CE compliance
This product is CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the applicable EU Directives.
Responsible for CE marking is Toshiba Europe GmbH, Hammfelddamm 8, 41460 Neuss, Germany. A
copy of the ofcial Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from following website:
Working Environment
The Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) of this product has been veried typically for this product
category for a so called Residential, Commercial & Light Industry Environment. Any other working
environment has not been veried by Toshiba and the use of this product in these working
environments is maybe restricted or cannot be recommended. Possible consequences of the use of
this product in non veried working environments can be: Disturbances of other products or of this
product in the nearby surrounding area with temporarily malfunction or data loss/corruption as result.
Example of non veried working environments and related advices:
Industrial environment (e.g. where a 3-phase 380V mains is being used mainly): Danger of
disturbances of this product due to possible strong electromagnetic elds especially near to big
machinery or power units.