Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Medical environment: The compliance to the Medical Product Directive has not been veried by
Toshiba, therefore this product cannot be used as a medical product without further verication. The
use in usual ofce environments e.g. in hospitals should be no problem if there is no restriction by the
responsible administration.
Automotive environment: Please search the owner instructions of the related vehicle for advices
regarding the use of this product (category).
Aviation environment: Please follow the instructions of the ight personnel regarding restrictions of
Additional environments not related to EMC
Outdoor use: As a typical home/ofce equipment this product has no special resistance against
ingress of moisture and is not strong shock proofed.
Explosive atmosphere: The use of this product in such special working environment (Ex) is not
Following information is only valid for EU-member States:
REACH - Compliance Statement
The new European Union (EU) chemical regulation, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization
and Restriction of Chemicals), entered into force on 1 June 2007.
Toshiba will meet all REACH requirements and is committed to provide our customers with information
about the chemical substances in our products according to REACH regulation.
Please consult the following website for information
about the presence in our articles of substances included on the candidate list according to article
59(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 ("REACH") in a concentration above 0.1 % weight by weight.
Following information is only valid for EU-member states:
Disposal of products
The crossed out wheeled dust bin symbol indicates that products must be collected and disposed of
separately from household waste. Integrated batteries and accumulators can be
disposed of with the product. They will be separated at the recycling centres.
The black bar indicates that the product was placed on the market after August
13, 2005. By participating in separate collection of products and batteries, you
will help to assure the proper disposal of products and batteries and thus help to
prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.
For more detailed information about the collection and recycling programmes available in your country,
please visit our website ( or contact your local city ofce or
the shop where you purchased the product.