Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

(4) Volume
(5) Indicate the screen is in movie playback mode:Play/Pause
(6) Press OK Button to go to the Delete option.
Press Record Button to start the slide show
Press Record Button to stop the slide show
(8) Magnication Indicator
Operations for Playback Mode
The Playback Mode is for viewing and managing movies and pictures on the built-in memory or on an
SD Card.
Operation Display Screen
Press Playback Button 1. ( ) to switch to the Playback
In the Playback preview screen, 2. press Mode Button ( )
to switch between the Movie mode and the Picture mode.
Press Left Button to go to the previous picture/movie. 3.
Press Right Button to go to the next picture/movie.
Press Record Button to view the movies/ picture.4.