Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Movie Recording
In Movie Record Mode (The Movie Record LED Indicator lights up), press Record Button to
start recording. When a movie is being recorded, a time indicator will display on the LCD monitor.
To stop recording, press Record Button again.
Optional function: Dual record: press Mode Button ( ) to capture the image. The Dual record
icon ( ) appears on the LCD monitor.
Press Playback Button to view the recorded movies.
Four resolution settings are available:
Video Quality
FHD (1080p 30)
HD (720p 30)
VGA (4:3)
The image resolution captured during movies recording is the same as the video resolution.
Using the Pre-Record Function
The Pre-record function ensures that you will not miss any critical recording opportunities, The
movies are recorded 3 seconds before the Record Button is pressed.
To use the Pre-Record function:
Press the Pre-Record Button (1. ) in Record Mode. The Pre-Record icon ( ) appears on
the LCD monitor.
Aim the camcorder at the subject and position it securely.2.
Press the Record Button to start recording. (The camcorder records 3 seconds before you 3.
actually press the Record Button.)
To use the function again, set it again.
Time Lapse function can not be used when the Pre-Record function is activated.