Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

x Image Playback
About the Highlight Alert
When the [4 Highlight alert] menu is set to [Enable], overexposed
highlight areas will blink. To obtain more image detail in the
overexposed areas, set the exposure compensation to a negative
amount and shoot again.
About the AF Point Display
When the [4 AF point disp.] menu is set to [Enable], the AF point
which achieved focus will be displayed in red. If automatic AF point
selection was used, multiple AF points might be displayed in red.
Shooting Information Display
Flash exposure
compensation amount
Metering mode
Shooting mode
ISO speed
White balance
Date and time
Original decision (image
verification) data appended
White balance correction
Color space
Color temperature if
> is set
Picture Style settings
File size
File number/
Total images recorded
Folder number - File number
CF card
Shutter speed
Exposure compensation amount