Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

Use the self-timer when you want to be in the picture. The <j> (10
sec. timer) can be used in all shooting modes.
Press the <o> button. (9)
Select either <j> or <l>.
Look at the LCD panel and turn the
<5> dial to select <j> or <l>.
j : 10-sec. self-timer
l: 2-sec. self-timer N
Take the picture.
Focus the subject and press the
shutter button completely.
X The picture will be taken after the
self-timer delay elapses.
X You can check the self-timer
operation with the self-timer lamp,
beeper, and countdown display (in
seconds) on the LCD panel.
X Two seconds before the picture is
taken, the self-timer lamp will stay on
and the beeper will sound faster.
j Self-timer Operation
Do not stand in front of the camera when you press the shutter button to
start the self-timer. Doing so will throw off the focus.
Use a tripod when using the self-timer.
When starting the self-timer, look through the viewfinder or attach the
eyepiece cover. (p.97)
To cancel the self-timer after it starts, set the power switch to <2>.
When using the self-timer to shoot only yourself, use focus lock (p.48) for
an object at about the same distance as where you will be.
The 2-second self-timer is effective for close-ups or photo duplicating
work to prevent camera shake (camera movement while the shutter
button is pressed).