Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

Basic Operation
Turn the dioptric adjustment
Turn the knob left or right so that the
AF points in the viewfinder look
To obtain sharp images, hold the camera still to minimize camera
1. Wrap your right hand around the camera grip firmly.
2. Hold the lens bottom with your left hand.
3. Press the shutter button lightly with your right hand’s index finger.
4. Press your arms and elbows lightly against the front of your body.
5. Press the camera against your face and look through the viewfinder.
6. To maintain a stable stance, place one foot in front of the other.
Adjusting the Viewfinder Clarity
Holding the Camera
If the camera’s dioptric adjustment still cannot provide a sharp viewfinder
image, using Dioptric Adjustment Lens E (10 types, sold separately) is
Vertical shootingHorizontal shooting