Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

Four metering modes are provided: Evaluative, partial, spot, and
center-weighted average metering. In the Basic Zone modes,
evaluative metering is set automatically.
Press the <n > button. (9)
Select the metering mode.
While looking at the LCD panel, turn
the <6> dial.
q: Evaluative metering
w: Partial metering
r: Spot metering
e: Center-weighted average
q Evaluative metering
This is an all-around metering mode suited for
portraits and even backlit subjects. The camera
sets the exposure automatically to suit the scene.
w Partial metering
Effective when the background is much brighter than
the subject due to backlighting, etc. Partial metering
covers about 9% of the viewfinder area at the center.
r Spot metering
This is for metering a specific part of the subject or
scene. The metering is weighted at the center
covering about 3.8% of the viewfinder area.
e Center-weighted average metering
The metering is weighted at the center and then
averaged for the entire scene.
q Selecting the Metering ModeN