Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

White balance (WB) is for making the white areas look white. Normally,
the <Q> (Auto) setting will obtain the correct white balance. If
natural-looking colors cannot be obtained with <Q>, you can set the
white balance manually to suit the respective light source. In the Basic
Zone modes, <Q> will be set automatically.
Press the <n > button. (9 )
Select the white balance.
While looking at the LCD panel, turn
the <5> dial.
To the human eye, a white object looks white regardless of the type of
lighting. With a digital camera, the color temperature is adjusted with
software to make the white areas look white. This adjustment serves as
the basis for the color correction. The result is natural-looking colors in
the pictures.
B:Setting the White BalanceN
Icon Mode Color Temperature (Approx. K: Kelvin)
Q Auto 3000 - 7000
W Daylight 5200
E Shade 7000
R Cloudy, twilight, sunset 6000
Y Tungsten light 3200
U White fluorescent light 4000
I Flash 6000
O Custom (p.68) 2000 - 10000
P Color temperature (p.69) 2500 - 10000
About White Balance
You can also use the [2 White balance] menu to set the white balance.