Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

x Image Playback
Magnify the image.
During image playback, press the
<u> button to magnify the image.
If you keep pressing the <u> button,
you can magnify the image up to 10x.
Press the <I> button to reduce
the magnification.
Use <9> to scroll around the
magnified image.
Select [Rotate].
Under the [3] tab, select [Rotate],
then press <0>.
Select the image to rotate.
Turn the <6> or <5> dial to select
the image, then press <0>.
Each time you press <0>, the image
will rotate.
To rotate another image, repeat the
above procedure.
Press the <M> button to return
to the menu.
u/y Magnified View
Magnified area
b Rotating an Image
You can turn the <6> or <5> dial to view another image.
Magnified view is not possible during the image review immediately after
the image is taken.
If the rotated image is not displayed in the rotated orientation during image
playback, set the [5 Auto rotate] menu to [OnzD].