Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

x Image Playback
By connecting the camera to a TV set with the video cable (provided),
you can view the captured images on a TV set. Turn off the camera and
the television before connecting them.
Connect the camera to the TV.
Open the camera’s terminal cover.
Use the video cable (provided) to
connect the camera’s <q> video
OUT terminal to the TV monitor’s
VIDEO IN terminal.
Insert the video cable plugs firmly all
the way.
Turn on the TV and switch the
TV’s line input to VIDEO IN.
Set the camera’s power switch to
Press the <x> button.
X The image will appear on the TV
screen. (Nothing will be displayed on
the camera’s LCD monitor.)
After you finish, set the camera’s
power switch to <2>, turn off the
TV, then disconnect the video cable.
Viewing the Images on TV
If the video system format does not match the TV’s, the image will not be
displayed properly. Set the proper video system format with [6 Video
Do not use any video cable other than the one provided. Images might
not be displayed if you use a different video cable.
Depending on the TV monitor, part of the image might be cut off.