Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

Before You Start
You can change this auto power-off time for the camera to turn off
automatically after a certain period of non-operation. If you do not want
the camera to turn off automatically, set this to [Off]. After the power
turns off, you can turn on the camera again by pressing the shutter
button or other button.
Select [Auto power off].
Under the [5] tab, select [Auto
power off], then press <0>.
Set the desired time.
Turn the <5> dial to select the item,
then press <0>.
If the CF card is new or was previously formatted by another camera or
personal computer, format the card with the camera.
When the CF card is formatted, all images and data in the card
will be erased. Even protected images will be erased, so make
sure there is nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer
the images to a personal computer, etc., before formatting the
Select [Format].
Under the [5] tab, select [Format],
then press <0>.
3 Set the power-off time/Auto power off
3 Formatting the CF Card
Even if [Off] has been set, the LCD monitor will turn off automatically after
30 min. to save power. (The camera’s power does not turn off.)