Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

The camera’s shooting settings and menu settings can be reset to the
default settings.
Select [Clear all camera settings].
Under the [7] tab, select [Clear all
camera settings], then press <0>.
Select [OK].
Turn the <5> dial to select [OK],
then press <0>.
X When [Clear all camera settings] is
set, the camera will be reset to the
following settings.
3 Resetting Camera SettingsN
AF mode One-Shot AF
AF point selection
Automatic selection
Metering mode q
(Evaluative metering)
Drive mode u (Single shooting)
0 (Zero)
AEB Canceled
Flash exposure
0 (Zero)
Quality 73
ISO speed Auto
Color space sRGB
White balance Q (Auto WB)
WB correction Canceled
WB bracketing
Picture Style Standard
Shooting Settings
Image-Recording Settings
The [Custom Functions] and [Camera user setting] will not be cleared.
The white balance data (p.68) obtained from the custom white balance
and the Dust Delete Data (p.129) will be erased.