JVC GZ-E10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Holiday Season/Christmas
Record the happy Christmas celebration with your family!
Decorating the Tree and Preparing the Dinner
The decoration of tree and preparation of dinner are part of the joy of
Christmas. Be sure to record these happy family times!
Decorating the tree
A tree is the most important thing to bring out the mood of Christmas.
Simply the scene of all family members engaging in the decorating of a fir
tree with various colorful ornaments is full of the feeling of happiness.
Preparing the Dinner
Record the scenes as everyone helps to prepare the feast of the night.
You can film the mother who is cooking, the children who are helping, and
of course, the process of making a cake!
Recording the Christmas Party
After all preparations, it is finally the Christmas party itself.
only should you record the candle-blowing scene, but also the smiles of
the family while being surrounded by good food, or even the father who is
slightly drunk from champagne!
Finding the Presents
For children, the greatest joy of Christmas is receiving presents the next
Their expression of delight when finding a present next to their pillow is a
recording opportunity not to be missed. Get ready to shoot before the
children wake up!
Useful Shooting Techniques