JVC GZ-E10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Recording the congratulatory messages from friends at the
same time
Capture all the good times of your domestic or overseas trips!
Bringing the Necessary Equipment
The necessary things to bring on a trip depends on your traveling purpose
and the destination.
For overseas trips in particular, you have to think about what to bring in
accordance to the local conditions.
Here are some suggestions for your consideration.
Think about how many hours of shooting you will usually perform in a day.
Be sure to prepare enough recording medium especially for long overseas
If you are recording in SD cards, get ready the sufficient number of cards,
including some for backup.
Battery Pack
a battery pack that is ready for double the expected recording time
in a day. For example, if you plan to record for 2 hours a day, prepare a
battery pack that is ready for 4 hours (actual recording time).
For a day trip, you can prepare a battery with low capacity but for a long trip,
do prepare a few batteries with high capacities.
AC Adapter
The JVC AC adapter supports voltages from 110 V to 240 V, and hence can
be used anywhere in the world.
Bring along the adapter if you are traveling for a long time. Charge the battery
pack while sleeping so that you can record with full battery power the next
Power Plug Adapter
The shape of the power plug varies according to countries. Be sure to check
the shape of the power plug beforehand, and bring the appropriate power
plug adapter.
“Charging the Battery Pack Overseas” (A p. 19)
Battery Charger
Useful Shooting Techniques