JVC GZ-E10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Recording cannot be performed when an AC adapter is connected to the
camcorder for battery charging.
You can bring an additional battery charger to charge battery packs if you
plan to use the camcorder for recording at night. You can also charge
battery packs by using both the battery charger and this camcorder
at the same time.
A tripod is an essential item to take stable images. Select an appropriate
tripod in accordance to your purpose and style of traveling, such as a
compact one to be used on a table or one that is at least 1 m tall.
Recording the Excitement Before Departure
It may be a little abrupt to start your travel video at the destination suddenly.
also the preparations prior to departure if it is a family trip, or the time
when everyone is gathered at the meeting place if you are traveling with your
For overseas trips, taking a shot of the signs and displays at the airport of
the flight you are taking may be useful for future reference.
Using Pan at the Places of Interest
Tourists spots with beautiful scenery or historical sites are places that you
would certainly want to record.
To capture the magnificence of a scene which cannot be fitted into a single
frame, try the panning technique.
Refer to “Shooting Tips” found in the “Beginner’s Guide” on this website on
how to use panning effectively.
In addition, you may also like to take a shot of the signs or monuments that
can often be found at the tourist spots.
Showing Everyone Having a Good Time
When taking a video, it is rather dull to shoot only the scenery or historical
Talk about your feelings while recording the breath-taking scenery of an
attraction so that it will be an interesting scene to view later.
Useful Shooting Techniques