JVC GZ-E10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Amusement Park
Take more shots of the smiling faces of everyone in the family!
Taking Videos of Moving Subjects
Scenarios with changes in body movement are suitable for taking videos.
includes situations where there are rapid changes in facial expressions
or voices of surprise and delight.
*Some amusement parks do not allow passengers to perform any recording.
Be sure to check beforehand.
[Examples] Merry-go-round, go kart, coffee cup, etc.
Inducing Responses by Calling Out
Videos with no waving of hands nor laughter are not only dull when you view
them later, but also put the capability of the audio-recording function of the
camcorder to a waste.
When recording, induce more reactions by enthusiastically waving your
hands or shouting out "Is it fun?" and the like.
Advanced Operation with Backlight Compensation
It is useful to make use of backlight compensation when the subject's face
is in backlight or when the expression cannot be seen clearly.
the brightness of the whole image by setting “BACKLIGHT COMP.”
if the faces appear too dark. Even the expressions of faces under shadows
can be captured brightly and clearly.
“Setting Details” (A p. 28)
<Without backlight compensation>
<With backlight compensation>
Useful Shooting Techniques