JVC GZ-E10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Create an awesome wedding video for the bride and groom!
Discussing and Planning Before the Event
Before the day of the wedding reception, it is important to discuss with the
bride and groom about various details such as the order of the ceremony
and whether there are any entertainment programs or change of clothes.
By understanding the preferences of the bride and groom, you will be able
to shoot more appropriately.
Finding out the route of entrance
The highlight of a wedding reception is the entrance of the bride and groom.
out which door they will enter from and the route they will take from the
person-in-charge of the wedding hall in advance. Set up the tripod at a place
where you can follow the couple using zoom without having to move around.
Number of times and timing of clothes-changing
Find out the timing of any changing of clothes so as to capture the scene well
when the bride and groom enter again.
You can also make use the time while the bride and groom are changing to
record comments of well wishes from the guests.
Finding the Right Angle to Capture Both Bride and Groom
Composing the picture with the groom in front and the
guests at the back
The main characters of a wedding are of course the bride and groom. Record
expressions clearly during the toast, speech, entertainment programs,
and other scenes.
Another recommendation is to capture the face shots of the guests, then pan
towards the groom. Picture composition containing the crowd of guests only
lacks fun, so be sure to pay attention to the shooting angle and size.
Recording the Expressions and Comments of Guests
Setting the shot from eye level to chest level
You can record comments from the guest by going around asking, "Please
say a few words for the bride and groom".
can be done at the guests' waiting room, when the bride and groom are
changing, or during the entertainment programs.
Closing Up on the Bride's Face During the Thank You Speech
Touching highlight scene
The climax of the event finally comes during the bride and groom’s thank you
and presentation of flowers. The touching words of appreciation from
the bride and tears of joy from the parents are scenes that must not be
Start by closing up on the bride’s face using zoom. As the tears start to form
in the bride’s eyes, continue shooting for a little longer. Then, slowly zoom
out to the wide angle to show the parents who are moved by the speech.
Advanced Operation with Two Camcorders
If video-editing is to be done, record using two camcorders so that a video
with varying scenes can be created. You can try asking a close friend who
has a camcorder at home.
Set the borrowed camcorder on a tripod to focus on taking close-up shots
of the bride and groom. In this way, the other camcorder can be moved
to record other scenes, enabling an interesting video with changing
scenes to be created through editing and compilation.
As most people own at least a digital camera nowadays, even if you are really
unable to find an extra camcorder, inserting still pictures to the video at
various points is also a good way to add variety. Do give it a try!
<Camcorder 1>
Closing up on the bride and groom all the time
<Camcorder 2>
Useful Shooting Techniques