Mamiya Digital Back DCUG1205N01 Camera Accessories User Manual

Protecting Images
This section explains how to protect images.
Set the shutter release mode selector lever to any position other than L to
protect images.
Protecting Images
Enables frames to be protected one by one while confirming the image on the
LCD monitor.
1. Press the Display button.
The most recently recorded image will be displayed on the LCD monitor.
2. Select the image you wish to protect with the toggle key
Press [ ] to display the previous image, and [ ] to display the next im-
3. Press the Protect button.
The protection symbol [
] will be displayed on images that have been
Images that have been protected and display the [ ] mark cannot be deleted with the [1
FRAME] or with [ALL IMAGES] deletion procedures, but they will be erased completely if the
memory card is formatted.
Protected image symbol
LCD monitor display
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