Sanyo VCC-5974 Security Camera User Manual

Compatible auto-iris lenses
1/3 inch Sanyo DC type lens 1/2 or 2/3 inch VIDEO type lens
VCL-CS8LY: Standard angle, f= 8 mm Standard angle, f= 9 mm
VCL-CS4LY: Wide angle, f= 4 mm Telephoto angle, f= 12 mm
VCL-CS2LY: Ultra-wide angle, f= 2.8 mm More telephoto angle, f= 16 mm
If using a VIDEO type auto-iris lens
Set the ALC and LEVEL controls on the lens to adjust the iris. Normally the ALC volume should
be turned all the way to Av (Average).
Depending on the type of lens used, the lens may not perform properly. In such a case, adjust
the LEVEL volume on the lens casing to correct.
Basic connection for monitoring or recording
The peripheral devices (VCR, monitor, lens, etc.) and cables
are sold separately.
1 Make the video signal connection between the camera and
the monitor or time lapse VCR.
2 Insert the plug of this power cord into a wall outlet.
The POWER indicator (A) will light. Adjust the picture on the
monitor using the Brightness and Contrast controls.
Coaxial cable type and maximum length
Cable type RG-59U (3C-2V), 250 m maximum.
Cable type RG-6U (5C-2V), 500 m maximum.
Cable type RG-11U (7C-2V), 600 m maximum.
The RG-59U type cable should not be run through electrical
conduits or through the air.
Using CCTV/Video-grade coaxial cable.
(Video signal connections)
L53P4/US GB 1998, 3, 11
English 9