Sanyo VCC-5974 Security Camera User Manual

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) setting
The automatic gain control can be turned ON or OFF using the
AGC ON/OFF switch (6) in the camera setup section.
ON: Auto gain control function on (setting used under
normal conditions) (see page 23).
GAMMA: ON (0.45), OFF (1)
AGC GAIN: NORMAL (30 dB), HIGH (36 dB)
OFF: Fixed gain
When the AGC switch is set to OFF, the GAMMA and backlight
compensation are automatically set to OFF, and the IRIS is set to
White balance (WB) setting
Under normal conditions, the white balance is set to ATW (Auto
Tracing White-Balance). However, depending on the camera
installation location and conditions of use, the white balance
mode can be set using the two WB switches (7 and 8) in the
camera setup section (see table 1).
ATW: Initial setting. The initial value cannot be changed.
LOCK: The white balance is done automatically while the AWB
LOCK button is pressed, then it is locked when the button is
PRESET: The white balance is done according to one of the three
preset modes. The preset modes can be adjusted manually in the
adjustment sub-menu (see page 21).
MODE 1: Setting for incandescent lighting (2660 ˚K).
MODE 2: Setting for indoors, fluorescent lighting (5100 ˚K).
MODE 3: Can be set for outdoors, sunlight (5100 ˚K).
MANUAL: Set to the initial value. The value can be changed
manually in the adjustment sub-menu (see page 22).
Table 1
7 8
7 8
7 8
7 8
L53P4/US GB 1998, 3, 11
English 11