Sanyo VCC-5974 Security Camera User Manual

W0 1
W1 1
W2 3
W3 3
W4(FIX) 15
W2=10 W4=15 W3=10
W2=0 W4=15 W3=0
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Backlight compensation (BLC) setting
The backlight compensation ON/OFF is set using the BLC
ON/OFF switch (9) in the camera setup section.
ON: Default setting, backlight compensation function on.
However, depending on the camera installation location
and conditions of use, if the backlight compensation
function need to be set, with the BLC switch set to ON,
press the SET button to select one of PRESET (1, 2) or
MANUAL (1, 2) modes indicated below.
PRESET 1 (Basic setting, see Fig. 1)
When the subject is dark and moving within the image, the
brightness control is done independently for the 5 windows
(W 0-4). This setting is recommended when the subject will
be moving across or within the image.
PRESET 2 (Basic setting, see Fig. 2)
The windows are regrouped in 2 sections (W 1 and 4; and W
0, 2 and 3) and the lens iris is set automatically so that the
backlight correction is optimum for the section composed of
windows W 1 and 2. This setting is recommended when the
subject will be centred in the image.
MANUAL 1 (or MANUAL 2) (Fig. 1, 3)
The size and position of window W 4, and the windows (W
0 - 4) distribution (WINDOW WEIGHTING) can be set
manually to control a bigger area of the screen (e.g. when
the subject will be moving in the screen area) and stored
under one of the two manual settings.
OFF: Fixed backlight compensation
The backlight compensation will operate when using an
auto-iris lens (DC or VIDEO type).
If in the “MENU FOR ADJUSTMENT”, AGC is set to OFF, the
backlight compensation will not operate.
Iris level setting
The iris is set using the IRIS AI (Auto-Iris)/EI (Electronic Iris)
switch (10) in the camera setup section.
AI: Initial setting. When using a DC type auto-iris lens, the iris
level settings can then be entered in the adjustment
sub-menu (see page 17).
EI: Electronic iris mode setting.
Note: If the AGC switch is set to OFF, setting the IRIS switch to
EI will not set the electronic iris mode.
L53P4/US GB 1998, 3, 11
12 English