Sanyo VCC-5974 Security Camera User Manual

Before taking the camera for repairs, please check below to make sure that the camera is used
correctly. If it still does not perform correctly, please consult your dealer or a Sanyo Authorized
Service Centre.
No picture on the monitor screen
Is the power turned on to all connected devices? Is the voltage correct?
Are all the signal connecting cables correctly connected?
Is the lighting sufficient?
Has the lens cap been removed?
Is the lens type (DC or VIDEO) correctly selected?
Depending on the type of lens, the A. I. LENS switch must be set accordingly.
Is the iris control correctly set?
A: When using a DC type lens, the CORSOR button should be adjusted.
B: When using a VIDEO type lens, the LEVEL volume (on the lens) should be adjusted.
The picture is not clear
Is the monitor correctly adjusted?
Is the flange-back position correctly set?
Is the lens focus correctly adjusted?
Are the lens surfaces clean?
If there is dust or finger prints on the lens, the image quality will deteriorate. To clean the lens
use a soft cloth or a commercially available lens cleaning set.
This camera is a precision instruments and if treated with care, will provide years of satisfactory
performance. However, in the event of a problem, the owner is advised not to attempt to make
repairs or open the cabinet. Servicing should always be referred to your dealer or Sanyo
Authorized Service Centre.
L53P4/US GB 1998, 3, 11
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