Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

By default, when downloading is complete,
the thumbnails (tiny versions) of the
downloaded images display in
ZoomBrowser EX’s Main Window.
The downloaded symbol displays on
downloaded folders (the symbol will
disappear when you exit ZoomBrowser EX).
Next, print out the images (p. 21).
Memory Card Reader Connection
Insert the memory card into the reader.
Use a separately sold card adapter if required.
See the manual for the memory card reader for its connection and handling instructions.
2 Select [View/Download Images using
Canon CameraWindow] when the
dialog to the right appears and click
The Camera Control Window will display.
If the dialog above fails to appear, click the [Start] menu and select [All
Programs] or [Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities], [CameraWindow],
[PowerShot - IXY - IXUS - DV 6] and [CameraWindow], and proceed to
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