Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

8. Find and delete the [DRVDATA.BIN] (or [Drvdata.bin]) and [DRVIDX.BIN] (or
[Drvidx.bin]) files.
9. In the [INF] or [Inf] folder, double-click the [OTHER] or [Other] folder to open
10. Find and delete the [Canon.IncCAP xxx.Inf] file (The xxx
represents numerals.).
If the [INF] Folder Is Not Visible in the [WINDOWS] Folder
Use the following procedures to show all files and folders.
1. Windows 98 SE: Click the [View] menu and select [Folder Options].
Windows Me: Click the [Tools] menu and select [Folder Options].
2. Click the [View] tab.
3. Windows 98 SE: Set the [Hide files] section to [Show all files].
Windows Me: Set the [Hidden files and folders] section to [Show hidden files and
4. Click [OK] to close the dialog.
This will make the hidden files and folders visible.
You do not need to delete anything if none of the above files are
contained in the [OTHER] folder.
The [INF] folder contains numerous files critical to the computer’s
operation. Be extremely careful to delete the correct files. If you delete
the wrong files, you may be unable to restart Windows. Page 84 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM