Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Using the Software on the Windows Platform – The Basics
3 Click [Starts to download images].
You can adjust the settings, such as the type
of image downloaded and the destination
folder, by clicking [Preferences].
The downloaded images are saved into folders according to the shooting date.
By default, when the download is complete, the thumbnails (tiny versions) of the
downloaded images display in ZoomBrowser EX’s main window.
Next, print out the images (p. 21).
•By default, all the images that have yet to be downloaded will
download to the [My Pictures] folder.
•To download images that have had their transfer settings set with the
camera, click [Preferences] and select [Images whose transfer settings
were specified with the camera] as the image type to be downloaded.
•Click [Lets you select and download images] to show the memory card
images in a list, check the images before downloading and download
only selected images.
•See Memory Card Folder Structure (p. 77) for information about
memory card folder structures and file names. Page 20 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM