Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Printing Images
There are two ways in which images may be printed: One Photo per Page Print and Index Print.
This section explains the One Photo per Page Print method.
One Photo per Page Print
This option prints one image per page in a standard "photo" format. If you select multiple
images, it will print them on the corresponding number of pages.
1 Click [Print] in ZoomBrowser EX's Main Window, followed by [One Photo Per Page
•Movies cannot be printed, but you can print stills after they have been
extracted from movies and saved to files.
•To use the Index Print option, click [Print] in the Main Window, followed by
[Index Print].
•If you have installed the Easy-
PhotoPrint program that
accompanied a Canon-brand
printer, you will proceed to the
Easy-PhotoPrint printing window
shown at the right when you
select [One Photo per Page Print]
according to the default settings.
If a window similar to it opens,
read the Help menu for Easy-
PhotoPrint for instructions to proceed.
•To proceed to the ZoomBrowser EX printing window as shown in Step 2
when you select [One Photo per Page Print], click the [Tools] menu and
select [Preferences], followed by the [Printing] tab. Select [Use the Print
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