Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Reinstall the driver
11.Reinstall the driver with the procedures in Installing the Software and USB
Driver (p. 11).
Zooming Images in ZoomBrowser EX is Slow or Not Working
Some graphics cards or settings may cause the display of zoomed images in ZoomBrowser EX
to slow down or malfunction. If this occurs, set your computer display's Hardware acceleration
setting to a lower setting.
1. Click the Windows [Start] menu, followed by [Control Panel] and
[Appearance and Themes].
With Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98 SE, click the [Start] menu
and select [Settings], followed by [Control Panel].
2. Click the [Display] icon, followed by the [Settings] tab, [Advanced] button and
[Troubleshoot] tab.
With Windows 2000, click the [Display] icon, followed by the [Settings] tab,
[Advanced] button and [Troubleshoot] tab.
With Windows Me or Windows 98 SE, click the [Display] icon, followed by
the [Settings] tab, [Advanced] button and [Performance] tab.
3. Set the [Hardware acceleration] to a setting below [Full] and click [OK].
4. Restart the computer if prompted.
If You Were Using ZoomBrowser EX Version 2 or 3
Take the following steps if you were using ZoomBrowser EX version 2 or 3 with Windows.
If Titles and Comments Were Attached to Your Images.
Take the following steps to display in version 5 the titles and comments you
input in version 2/3.
1. Use Windows Explorer to open the [Program] folder within the folder in
which you installed ZoomBrowser EX 5.
(e.g. C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Program)
2. Double-click [dbconverter.exe] found in this folder to start this utility.
3. Select the database file you were using up to this point and click the [Start]
(e.g. C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Database\My Database.zbd)
This will display the titles and comments input in the earlier versions in the
comments section of ZoomBrowser EX 5.
If You Had Images in a Folder Below the Program Files Folder
Image files in the [Program Files] folder or a subfolder cannot be displayed in
ZoomBrowser EX 5 from that location. To display these files, first perform steps
1-3 above and then carry on with Step 4. Page 85 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM