Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Please read this section if you encounter a problem using the software.
Start by Checking This
Investigate the following points first if you encounter a problem.
Does your computer satisfy the requirements listed in the
section (p. 8)?
Is the camera correctly connected to the computer?
See the Camera User Guide for the correct connection procedures. Also
check to ensure that you are using the correct cable and that it is securely
attached at both ends.
Is the camera set to the playback mode? (some models only)
Some models require the camera to be set to the playback mode to
transfer data. See the Camera User Guide for details.
Is the battery sufficiently charged?
Check the battery charge if you are powering the camera with a battery.
You are recommended to use a household power source (AC adapter) to
power the camera when it is connected to a computer (if available for
your camera model).
Try the suggested solutions to the common problems listed below.
USB driver installation not proceeding well (Windows)
Uninstall the driver (p. 75) before reinstalling it with the procedures in Installing
the Software and USB Driver (p. 11). Page 78 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM