Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

One Photo per page Print
Prints one image per page (p. 50).
You can print "photo" prints easily.
Index Print
Lines up small versions of the images in rows and prints.
Layout Print
Allows you to freely arrange multiple images on a single page and print. You can also insert
captions and titles.
Send to Trash
Sends the selected images or folders to the Trash.
Functions Selected from Menus
Search Images: [File] menu, [Search]
Searches for images based on such criteria as Star Ratings, dates, keywords or captions.
Export Images: [File] menu, [Export Images]
•Edit and Save: allows you to change the file type or size and export the file.
•Export Shooting Properties: allows you to export the shooting properties as a text file.
•Export as a Screensaver: Exports the image as a screen saver file.
•Export an Image as Wallpaper: Exports the image as a wallpaper file.
Organize Images: [File] menu, [Organize Image]
•Sort Images: sorts images according to criteria such as the shooting date or Star Rating and
saves them into a specified folder.
•Rename: changes the files names of multiple images in a single pass.
Convert RAW Images: [File] menu, [RAW image processing]
Converts RAW images. You can adjust the image brightness, contrast and color balance
among other attributes during conversion.
Merge Panoramas: [Edit] menu, [PhotoStitch]
Merges multiple images and creates a single large panoramic image (p. 66).
Edit Movies: [Edit] menu, [Movie Edit]
Edits movies or still images strung together. You can add titles or background music and
apply various effects (p. 62).
Extracting Stills from Movies: [Edit] menu, [Extract frames from a movie]
Extracts still images from movies over a specified interval and saves them as image files. Page 59 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM