Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Using the Software on the Windows Platform – Advanced Techniques
Adding New Data to the My Camera Window
Create a new image or sound file and add it to the My Camera window.
•Adding Image and Sound Files After Creating Them
Adding Original Start-up Images and Sounds After Creating Them
You can effortlessly create start-up image and sound files using the My Camera Maker
program (Windows XP or Windows 2000 only).
1 Click the [Edit] menu in the ZoomBrowser EX Main Window and select [Manage
My Camera].
The My Camera window will display.
2 Click the [Set individually] tab in the My Camera window, followed by the [Create
My Camera Data] button.
My Camera Maker will start.
3 Follow the instructions at the top part
of the My Camera Maker window and
create image or sound files.
Add File Button
Adds images and sound files for use
as settings files. Added files display
in the list.
Connect to camera Button
Connects to the camera. Page 42 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM