Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Using the Software on the Windows Platform – Advanced Techniques
Editing Movies
You can create and edit movies: link movies and stills that have been downloaded to your
computer, add background music, superimpose titles and other text, and apply various effects
to the movies.
1 Click [Edit] in ZoomBrowser EX’s Main Window, followed by [Edit Movie].
2 Click [1. Add Images] and select the image (movie or still) you wish to edit.
You can select multiple movies or stills.
3 Follow the steps at the left of the window to edit the movie and save it.
•The QuickTime program is required to replay or edit movies on the Windows
2000, Windows Me or Windows 98 SE platform. Install it during procedures
in the "Replaying Movies" topic in the Windows 2000, Windows Me and
Windows 98 SE section (p. 33).
•Movies are saved as Motion JPEG AVI movies.
Click this button to
play the movie
being edited.
Follow these steps
to proceed.
Storyboard Area
Displays thumbnails of the selected
Links images in order from left to right.
Click this button for detailed
operational instructions.
Transition Effects Box
Appears between adjacent images
and displays the symbols of the
transition effects linking images.
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