Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Using the Software on the Macintosh
Platform – The Basics
This chapter explains the procedures for using ImageBrowser to download the camera's images
to the computer and print them.
Read this chapter after completing the preparations in the Using the Software on the
Macintosh Platform
Preparations section.
Downloading Images to the Computer
Begin by downloading the images to your computer. The downloading procedure is slightly
different according to whether you are using a camera to computer connection (see below) or
a memory card reader (p. 48).
Camera to Computer Connection
1 Attach the supplied interface cable to the computer’s USB port and the camera’s
DIGITAL Terminal. Prepare the camera for communication with the computer.
The Camera Control Window will appear.
If it does not open, click the [CameraWindow] icon in the Dock (the bar at the bottom of
the desktop). To set whether this window automatically opens when you connect the
camera to the computer, remove the check mark from the [Start when a camera is
connected] in the [File] menu in the Camera Control window.
You may not be able to download images when the camera is connected to a
computer if there are a large number of images (approximately 1000) on the
memory card. Use a memory card reader to download in that case.
Procedures for attaching the camera to the computer and placing it in
the correct mode for connecting vary between camera models. See the
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