Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Starting ArcSoft PhotoStudio
You can start ArcSoft PhotoStudio from within ZoomBrowser EX (Windows) or ImageBrowser
ZoomBrowser EX
1 Click [Edit] in the Task Area of the Main Window, followed by [Edit Image].
2 Confirm that [1. Select Images] is selected and select an image to edit.
3 Click [2. Select Editing Tool] and select [Edit with external image editor].
4 Select ArcSoft PhotoStudio from the program list and click [3. Finish].
1 Select an image to edit, click the [Edit] menu and select [ArcSoft PhotoStudio].
Manual for ArcSoft PhotoStudio
You can obtain the ArcSoft PhotoStudio manual from the ArcSoft, Inc., website. Use your
browser program to download the manual from the following URL:
If you cannot select ArcSoft PhotoStudio, register the program using the
following procedures.
1.In Step 3 above, select [Edit with external image editor] and click
[Manage List].
2.Click [Add] and select [ArcSoft PhotoStudio]. Page 73 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM