Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Edit Image
Allows you to perform image editing, such as
cropping, image correction and red-eye
correction. You can also use it to start other image editing programs.
Stitch Photos
Merges multiple images and creates a single large panoramic image (p. 38).
Edit Movie
Edits movies or still images strung together. You can add text as titles, or background music,
and apply various effects (p. 34).
Process RAW Images
Converts RAW images into standard images. You can adjust the image brightness, contrast
and color balance among other attributes during conversion.
Export Still Images
Allows you to change the image size or type,
and export it as a new image.
Export Movies
Allows you to change the movie size or type, and export it as a new movie.
Extract frames from a movie
Extracts still images from movies over a specified interval and saves them as image files
(Windows XP only).
Export Shooting Properties
Allows you to select the necessary data from the shooting information and export it as a text
Export as a Screen Saver
Exports the image as a screen saver file.
Export as a Wallpaper
Exports the image as a wallpaper file.
Backup to CD
Copies images to a CD-R/RW disk for backup.
The Backup to CD function can only be used on computers satisfying the
following requirements.
•Windows XP is preinstalled
•A CD-R/RW drive is included as standard equipment Page 31 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM