Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Using the Software on the Windows Platform – Advanced Techniques
RemoteCapture Task Window
The RemoteCapture Task window has the following features.
•The settings available in the RemoteCapture Task window vary between
camera models.
•RemoteCapture Task locks the exposure and focus settings for the subject
matter in the Viewfinder section. If the lighting or distance to the subject
changes, click to reset these settings.
Size and Resolution Selector
Selects the size and resolution at which images are captured.
You can add
comments to images
by placing a check
mark here and
typing text in the
boxes below.
Viewfinder Display
Click the [Start/Stop
Viewfinder] button
while a connection to
the camera is open to
display the image
appearing in the
camera’s viewfinder.
Slide this to zoom
the camera in or out.
Set the basic camera settings here.
Rotation Settings
Sets the rotation
parameters for
images after they are
Shows/Hides the
viewfinder or detailed
settings area.
Release Button
Releases the
Start/Stop Viewfinder
Starts or stops the
viewfinder display.
Refresh Button
Resets the exposure,
focus and white
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