Sony DH240 Security Camera User Manual

Assigning the IP Address to the Camera
In the Add Program dialog, select SNC toolbox and
click OK.
SNC toolbox is added to the Programs and Services
Click OK.
When the above procedure is completed, the
camera connected in the local network are
displayed in SNC toolbox.
When using Windows Vista
Installing software
A warning message regarding the active contents may
appear when you install software such as SNC toolbox
from the CD-ROM. In this case, operate as follows:
Example: In case of SNC toolbox
If the pop-up “AutoPlay” appears when a CD-ROM is
inserted into the CD-ROM drive, click Install or run
If you click Open folder to view files, the Web browser
will not open automatically. In this case, double-click
the “index.htm” file in the CD-ROM.
If the message “Internet Explorer” appears, click Ye s.
If the message “File Download – Security Warning”
appears, click Run.
Program name
Program name