Sony DH240 Security Camera User Manual

Accessing the Camera Using the Web Browser
When the viewer of the camera is
displayed for the first time
“Security Warning” is displayed. When you click Ye s,
ActiveX control is installed and the viewer is displayed.
If Automatic configuration is enabled in the Local
Area Network (LAN) settings of Internet Explorer, the
image may not be displayed. In that case, disable
Automatic configuration and set the Proxy server
manually. For the setting of the Proxy server, consult
your network administrator.
When you install ActiveX Control, you should be
logged in to the computer as Administrator.
If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later,
Windows Vista or Windows 7, the information bar or
“Security Warning” may appear. For details, see
“Installing ActiveX Control” in “When using
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later” on page 8,
“Installing ActiveX Control” in “When using
Windows Vista” on page 11 or “Installing ActiveX
Control” in “When using Windows 7” on page 13.
The software is optimized for Internet Explorer using
medium font.
To display the viewer correctly
To operate the viewer correctly, set the security level of
Internet Explorer to Medium or lower, as follows:
Select Tools from the menu bar for Internet
Explorer, then select Internet Options and click
the Security tab.
Click the Internet icon (when using the camera via
the Internet), or Local intranet icon (when using
the camera via a local network).
Set the slider to Medium or lower. (If the slider is
not displayed, click Default Level.)
When using antivirus software, etc., on
the computer
When you use antivirus software, security software,
personal firewall or pop-up blocker on your computer,
the camera performance may be reduced, for example,
the frame rate for displaying the image may be lower.
The Web page displayed when you log in to the
camera uses JavaScript. The display of the Web page
may be affected if you use antivirus software or other
software described above on your computer.