Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

See page 96 on the recordable time of movies.
You c
an record photos during movie recording by pressing PHOTO fully (Dual Rec, p. 27).
When a face is detected, a white frame appears and the image quality around the face is optimized
omatically ([FACE DETECTION], p. 72).
You c
an specify the priority face by touching it (p. 26).
In the default setting, a photo is recorded automatically when the camcorder detects the smile of a person
g movie recording (Smile Shutter, p. 27).
You c
an capture photos from recorded movies (p. 42).
You can check the recordable time, estimated remaining capacity, etc., by touching
[Show others] [MEDIA INFO] (under
[MANAGE MEDIA] category).
The LCD screen of your camcorder can display recording images across the entire screen (full pixel
display). However, this may cause slight trimming of the top, bottom, right and left edges of images when
played back on a TV which is not compatible with full pixel display. In this case, set [GUIDEFRAME] to
N] (p.
71), and record images using the outer frame displayed on the screen as a guide.
To adjust the angle of the LCD panel, first open the LCD panel 90 degrees to the camcorder (), and
then adjust the angle ().
[ STEADYSHOT] is set to [ACTIVE] in the default setting.
Data code during recording
The recording date, time and condition , and coordinates (HDR-CX350VE/XR350VE) are
recorded automatically on the recording media. They are not displayed during recording.
However, you can check them as [DATA CODE] during playback. To display them, touch
(MENU) [Show others] [PLAYBACK SET] (under [PLAYBACK] category)
[DATA CODE] a desired setting
Shooting photos
In the default setting, photos are recorded on the following recording media.
HDR-CX300E/CX305E/CX350E/CX350VE/CX370E: Internal memory
HDR-XR350E/XR350VE: Internal hard disk
To change the recording media, see page 17 .
Press MODE to turn on the (Photo) lamp.
The LCD screen display switches for photo recording mode, and the screen aspect ratio
becomes 4:3.
90 degrees (max.)
180 degrees (max.)
90 degrees to the