Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Start playback on your
camcorder, and record it on the
recording device.
Refer to the instruction manuals supplied
with your recording device for details.
When dubbing is finished, stop
the recording device, and then
your camcorder.
Since dubbing is performed via analog data
transfer, the image quality may deteriorate.
You cannot dub images to recorders connected
with an HDMI cable.
To hide the screen indicators (such as a counter,
etc.) on the screen of the monitor device
connected, touch
(MENU) [Show
others] [OUTPUT SETTINGS] (under
[GENERAL SET] category) [DISP
OUTPUT] [LCD PANEL] (the default
To record the date/time, coordinates (HDR-
CX350VE/XR350VE), or camera settings data,
(MENU) [Show others]
category) [DATA CODE] a desired
. In
addition, touch
(MENU) [Show
others] [OUTPUT SETTINGS] (under
[GENERAL SET] category) [DISP
When the screen size of display devices (TV,
etc.) is 4:3, touch
(MENU) [Show
others] [OUTPUT SETTINGS] (under
[GENERAL SET] category) [TV TYPE]
When you connect a monaural device, connect
the yellow plug of the A/V connecting cable
to the video input jack, and the white (left
channel) or the red (right channel) plug to the
audio input jack on the device.