Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

remove an accessory, loosen the screw, and
then press down and pull out the accessory.
When you open or close the shoe cover,
slide it as indicated by the arrow.
When you are recording movies with an
external flash (sold separately) connected
to the accessory shoe, turn off the power of
the external flash to prevent charging noise
being recorded.
You cannot use an external flash (sold
separately) and the built-in flash at the same
When an external microphone (sold
separately) is connected, it takes precedence
over the built-in microphone.
Lens (G lens)
Camera recording lamp (84)
The camera recording lamp lights up in red
during recording. The lamp flashes when the
remaining recording media capacity or battery
power is low.
Remote sensor/Infrared port
Point the Wireless Remote Commander
(p. 115) towards the remote sensor to operate
your camcorder.
Built-in microphone
LCD screen/Touch panel (15, 27)
If you rotate the LCD panel 180 degrees, you
can close the LCD panel with the LCD screen
facing out. This is convenient during playback
(VIEW IMAGES) button (28)
(DISC BURN) button (see Operating
(INTELLIGENT AUTO) button (24)
POWER button (15)
HDMI OUT jack (36)
(USB) jack (55, 58)
HDR-CX305E: output only
GPS switch (HDR-CX350VE/XR350VE)
RESET button
Press RESET using a pointed object.
Press RESET to initialize all the settings
including the clock setting.