Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

On the [GOLF SHOT] screen, frame the
subject in the white guide frame in the
center of the screen, then press START/
STOP. The 0.5 second point before START/
STOP is pressed is assumed as the moment
of impact, and the period of 1.5 seconds
before and 0.5 second after it (2 seconds
total) is recorded. When impact sound
is detected, the recording time period is
automatically adjusted according to that
The size of photos becomes 1,920 1,080.
You cannot record sound.
Image quality is not as good as that of normal
You cannot use [GOLF SHOT] when you set
the image quality to standard definition image
quality (STD).
You can set the self-timer by touching
(OPTION). With [SELF-TIMER] set to [ON],
press START/STOP to start countdown of the
timer. The point when countdown reaches 0 is
assumed as the moment of impact and motion
before and after 0 is recorded.
If camera shake is excessive, or there are moving
objects in the background during recording,
image analysis will not be performed effectively,
and images may contain noise as a result. It is
recommended that you record images under
stable conditions (for example, using a tripod).
Impact sound may be detected by the internal
microphone even when an external microphone
is attached.
SMTH SLW REC (Smooth slow
Fast moving subjects and actions, which
cannot be captured under the ordinary
shooting conditions, can be shot in smooth
moving slow-motion for about 3 seconds.
REC] screen.
An about-3-second movie is recorded
as a 12-second-slow-motion movie.
[Recording…] disappears, when recording
is finished.
to cancel the smooth slow
To change the setting
Touch (OPTION), then select the
setting you want to change.
Select the recording start point after
START/STOP is pressed. The default
setting is [3sec AFTER].
You cannot record sound.
Image quality is not as good as that of normal
The point when START/STOP is pressed.
[3sec AFTER]
[3sec BEFORE]