Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Saving images with an external device
Ordinary DVD device
DVD player
Computer that can play DVDs, etc.
Creating device
DVD writer, DVDirect Express (p. 55)
DVD writer, other than DVDirect Express
Disc r
ecorder, etc. (p. 59)
Disc type
Standard definition image quality (STD) disc
Always maintain your PlayStation
3 to use
the latest version of the PlayStation
3 system
The PlayStation
3 may not be available in some
Delete the demonstration movie when dubbing
or creating discs. If it is not deleted, the
camcorder may not operate correctly. However,
you cannot recover the demonstration movie
once you delete it.
The AVCHD disc can be played back only on
AVCHD format compatible devices.
The AVCHD disc should not be used in DVD
players/recorders. Because DVD players/
recorders are not compatible with the AVCHD
format, DVD players/recorders may fail to eject
the disc.
You cannot create an AVCHD disc from a
movie recorded with [HD FX] mode of
REC MODE]. Save a movie recorded with
[HD FX] mode onto Blu-ray discs or external
rage devices (p. 52).
Creating a disc with the dedicated
DVD writer, DVDirect Express
You can create a disc or play back the
images on a created disc by using the
dedicated DVD writer, DVDirect Express
(sold separately).
Refer also to the instruction manual
supplied with the DVD writer.
Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall
socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor for this
tion (p. 14).
Only unused discs of the following types can
be used:
12cm DVD-R
12cm DVD+R
The device does not support two-layered discs.
DVDirect Express is referred to as “DVD
writer” in this section.
Connect the AC Adaptor and the
power cord (mains lead) to the
DC IN jack of your camcorder
and the wall outlet (wall socket)
Turn on your camcorder, and
connect the DVD writer to the
(USB) jack of your camcorder with
the USB cable of the DVD writer.