Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

The face you touched may not be detected,
depending on the surrounding brightness or
hairstyle of the subject. In this case, touch the
face again when you record.
The double-lined frame around a face targeted
for possible smile detection shot turns orange.
If the face you touched disappears from the
LCD screen, the subject selected in [PRIORITY
TING] (p. 72) has priority. If the face you
touched returns to the screen, the face has
Capturing smiles automatically
(Smile Shutter)
In the default setting, a photo is recorded
automatically when the camcorder detects
the smile of a person during movie
recording. An orange frame appears around
a face targeted for possible smile detection
Smiles may not be detected depending on
recording conditions, subject conditions, and
the setting of your camcorder.
When [
REC MODE] is set to [HD FX], you
cannot use the Smile Shutter function.
You can select the subject that has priority
for face detection and smile detection with
RITY SETTING] (p. 72). When you
specify the priority subject by touching the
detection frame on the LCD screen, the face
with a double-lined frame has priority.
If a smile is not detected, set the [SMILE
Recording high quality photos
during movie recording (Dual Rec)
You can record photos during movie
recording by pressing PHOTO.
You cannot use the flash during Dual Rec.
may appear when the capacity of the
recording media is not enough or when you
record photos continuously. You cannot record
photos while
is displayed.
When [
REC MODE] is set to [HD FX], you
cannot use Dual Rec.
When the MODE lamp is set to
(Movie), the
size of photos becomes [
5.3M] (16:9 wide)
or [4.0M] (4:3).
You can record photos during recording
standby in the same way as when the
lamp is turned on.
Recording in mirror mode
Open the LCD panel 90 degrees to the
camcorder (), then rotate it 180 degrees
to the lens side ().
A mirror-image of the subject appears on the
LCD screen, but the image will be normal when