Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Useful functions for
recording movies and
You can magnify images up to 17 times the
original size with the power zoom lever.
You can magnify images also with the
on the LCD screen.
Move the power zoom lever slightly for a
slower zoom. Move it further for a faster
Be sure to keep your finger on the power zoom
lever. If you move your finger off the power
zoom lever, the operation sound of the power
zoom lever may also be recorded.
You cannot change the zoom speed with the
/ button on the LCD screen.
The minimum possible distance between
camcorder and subject while maintaining sharp
focus is about 1 cm (about 13/32 in.) for wide
angle and about 80 cm (about 31 1/2 in.) for
You can magnify images up to 12 times using
optical zooming, unless [
set to [ACTIVE].
You can set [
DIGITAL ZOOM] (p. 73) if you
want to zoom to a greater level.
Recording better images
automatically (INTELLIGENT AUTO)
By pressing , you can record images
using the INTELLIGENT AUTO function.
When you turn the camcorder toward
the subject, the camcorder records using
the optimum combination of the three
detection modes: Face detection, Scene
detection and Camera-shake detection.
When the camcorder detects the subject,
the icons that correspond to the detected
condition are displayed.
In the default setting, INTELLIGENT AUTO
is set to ON.
Face detection
(Portrait), (Baby)
The camcorder detects faces, and adjusts
the focus, color, and exposure.
Scene detection
(Spotlight), (Low light),
The camcorder selects the most effective
setting automatically, depending on the
Wider range of view
(Wide angle)
Close view