Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

When using a shoulder belt (sold separately), do
not crash the camcorder against an object.
Do not use your camcorder in very loud areas.
On the drop sensor (HDR-XR350E/
To protect the internal hard disk from shock
by dropping, the camcorder has a drop sensor
tion (p. 84). When a drop occurs, or
under a non-gravity condition, the block noise
made when this function is activated by the
camcorder may also be recorded. If the drop
sensor catches a drop repeatedly, recording/
playback may be stopped.
Note on using the camcorder at high
altitudes (HDR-XR350E/XR350VE)
Do not turn on the camcorder in a low-pressure
area, where the altitude is more than 5,000
meters (16,000 feet). Doing so may damage the
internal hard disk drive of your camcorder.