Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Making good use of your camcorder
Touch .
The image size is fixed depending on the image
quality of the movie:
2.1M] with high definition image quality
0.2M] in 16:9 (wide) with standard
definition image quality (STD)
[VGA(0.3M)] in 4:3 with standard definition
image quality (STD)
The recording medium where you want to save
photos should have enough free space.
The recording date and time of captured photos
is the same as the recording date and time of
the movies.
If the movie you are capturing from has no data
code, the recording date and time of the photo
will be the date and time you captured from
the movie.
You cannot capture a photo from a movie
recorded on memory card (HDR-CX305E).
movies and photos
from the internal
recording media to
memory card
Dubbing movies
You can dub movies recorded on the
internal recording media of your camcorder
to memory card.
Insert memory card into your camcorder
before the operation.
When you record a movie on the memory card
for the first time, create the image database file
by touching
(MENU) [Show others]
[REPAIR IMG.DB F.] (under
MEDIA] category) [MEMORY CARD].
Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet
(wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor to
prevent your camcorder from running out of
power during dubbing.
The original movie will not be deleted after
All included images in a Playlist will be dubbed.
The images recorded by this camcorder and
stored onto the recording media are called
(MENU) [Show
others] [MOVIE DUB] (under
[EDIT] category).
The [MOVIE DUB] screen appears.