Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

/ : Displays the previous/next movie.
Returns to the recording screen.
* is displayed when is touched.
appears when the standard definition image quality (STD) movie is selected with [ /
SET] (p. 25).
You can scroll the display by touching and dragging or .
appears with the movie or photo that was most recently played or recorded. If you touch the
movie or photo with , you can continue playback from the previous time. ( appears on the
photo recorded on the memory card.)
Playing movies
Your camcorder starts playing the selected movie.
You may not be able to play back the images with other devices than camcorder.
When playback from the selected movie reaches the last movie, the screen returns to the INDEX screen.
/ during pause to play back movies slowly.
As you repeat touching
/ during playback, movies are played as fast as about 5 times
about 10 times about 30 times about 60 times.
You can also display the VISUAL INDEX by touching
(MENU) [Show others] [VISUAL
INDEX] (under
[PLAYBACK] category).
The recording date, time, and shooting conditions , and coordinates (HDR-CX350VE/XR350VE) are
recorded automatically during recording. This information is not displayed during recording, but you can
display it during playback by touching
(MENU) [Show others] [PLAYBACK SET] (under
[PLAYBACK] category) [DATA CODE] a desired setting .
In the default setting, a protected demonstration movie is pre-recorded
To pause/play
To fast-forward
To fast-reverse
To stop
Volume adjustment